Friday, July 10, 2015

Mid-century tables in Graphite (SOLD)

Finally - after 2 solid months of transition that involved: moving out of our home in Greenville, way too many weeks in a hotel as we waited to close on our new home, boomerang trips between Greenville and Atlanta, a whirlwind move in process with a little construction work thrown in, and wading through a massive sea of cardboard…. I am FINALLY BACK TO PAINTING!!  Hallelujah.  I am so over boxes and packing paper and box cutters and transition in general.  We're settling into our new home and it feels so. good. to be back.  :-)

Speaking of being back - I am thrilled for these midcentury side tables to be my first pieces back here in Atlanta!  I am sort of in love with them.  I knew they'd be great when I bought them months ago - I liked them so much that I bought them and MOVED them with us to Atlanta - but I have to say that the end result is even better than I'd hoped for.  These tables are SOLID, guys.  So solidly built and sturdy and just AWESOME.  I adore the streamlined silhouette and how it works so well with the dark, bold color.  If ever a piece was meant to be painted in Graphite - this is it.  Or THESE are it, I suppose.  :-)

These tables are wooden all the way, and are vintage midcentury pieces by Century Furniture.  I'm always happy to see that label inside a mid-century piece, because it tells me that they are great quality and have (and will continue!) to stand the test of time.

I love the storage these tables provide.  The drawer at the bottom is great, and the doors open to a lot of interior space.  Enough room for pretty much anything you could need to store next to your sofa or bed.

Which brings me to my next point - these would be equally great in a living room or bedroom.  They would be gorgeous end tables in a family room, or make a statement as bedside tables.  They're going to get compliments wherever you decide to put them.

These tables have been painted in Annie Sloan's Graphite paint, distressed lightly, and coated with clear wax for protection and a matte sheen.  The hardware is lovely and original to the piece.  The tables measure 24'' tall x 23'' wide x 16'' deep and are priced at $320 for the pair (SOLD).

If you're interested in purchasing these tables, please send me an email at - thank you!

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