Monday, February 10, 2014

Antique Chest in Graphite (SOLD)

Antique bowfront chest, meet Graphite.  

I think you two were a match made in heaven.  :)

This classic antique oak chest was the perfect candidate for Graphite paint.  It was a lovely light wood color that shows through the graphite so beautifully.  And with AMAZING original pulls that pop in copper.... well, it makes me happy.

(Side note here....  the lighting was not awesome as i photographed this piece, which explains the slight fuzziness to the pictures.  Sorry about that.  Impending winter storm made for a dreary day today, but sometimes a girl is just so excited to list a piece that she can't wait for sunny skies.)   ;-)   

Just look at those legs....  :-)

.... and that gorgeous bowfront.

Graphite paint is my new obsession, if you haven't already noticed.  :-)  It's a lovely dark charcoal grey on its own, but when you add dark wax.... it becomes a rich soft black with so much depth.  Add copper pulls and you've got a real looker.  

This antique chest has been painted in Graphite, distressed, and coated with dark wax.  All of the drawers are dovetailed and work beautifully.  And the back on this guy is solid wood and lovely as well.  It's a true antique and a real show stealer.  It measures 45'' long x 34'' tall x 22'' deep (at the deepest part of the bow) and is priced at $395 (SOLD).  Awesome as a dresser, of course.... but also the perfect size to hold a flatscreen tv.  Or to double as a sophisticated changing table in a little guy's nursery. Or to sit in your foyer and wow your guests as soon as they walk in the front door.  Anywhere you decide to put it, I bet it'll make you smile when you walk by.

If you've got the perfect spot for this piece, email me at  You can also email me by clicking on the "Contact Me" tab above.  Thanks!