Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm still here!

I know, I know - I've been MIA.  I'm still here - just wading through the usual holiday craziness, a horrific stomach bug that lasted for weeks in our house, and several custom orders.  No worries - I'm still kickin' and still painting furniture! :-)   I've got a few more custom pieces to finish, and I've got a couple of antique chests that could be yours. Take a look and let me know if either one interests you!  You can pick any color and make it your own.

First up - a lovely bow-front chest. Great antique pulls, awesome classic lines.

And another tall chest - this one in a french provincial style.  Lovely antique hardware, slightly bowed front, beautiful french legs.

If either of these appeals to you, send me an email by clicking on the "Contact Me" tab above and we can talk about color and finish!

I hope you're all enjoying the magic of the Christmas season. :-)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Antique Mahogany Duck Egg Buffet (SOLD)

This one, folks, is pretty special.  :-)   Made of solid mahogany, dovetailed drawers, doors that open to shelf storage, great antique hardware, awesome bowed front....  this is truly a gorgeous piece of furniture.

An up-close look at the hardware...

And another look at that gorgeous bowed front.  Love it.

This is a Drexel Furniture buffet from the New Travis Court collection.  Every part of this piece is in excellent condition - the drawers all work beautifully, and the doors open to great storage space.  There's even a pull-out lined silver drawer behind one of the doors.  I love that everything on this buffet is mahogany - even the back.  Unheard of these days!

I've painted this buffet Duck Egg Blue with a distressed finish and clear wax for protection. Measurements are 54'' long x 35 1/2'' tall x 21'' deep (at the deepest part of the bow) and it's priced at $495 (SOLD).  If you're looking for a buffet, this would be a great addition to your dining room!

If you're interested in purchasing this buffet, please email me by clicking on the "Contact Me" tab above - thanks!

** Up next - a lovely tall bow front chest in Provence!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Antique Bow-front Dresser (SOLD)

Another great piece in Old White!  Don't you love antique bow-front furniture? I really do.  It has such grace, such class.  Is it possible for a piece of furniture to have class? :-)  I think it is.

This sweet vintage Dixie Furniture piece is solid cherry and in excellent condition. All six drawers are dovetailed and work perfectly. The bottom drawers are quite deep, so there's lots of storage space here.

Great hardware!

I've painted this lovely piece in Old White, with a distressed finish and clear wax for protection.  It would be beautiful in a bedroom, great as a changing table in a nursery, and is slightly taller than your average dresser - so it would work well as a buffet in a dining room too.  Measurements for this piece are 56'' long x 34'' tall x 20'' deep, and it's priced at $465 (SOLD).

If you're interested in purchasing this piece, please send me an email by clicking on the "Contact Me" tab above - thanks!

** I haven't forgotten about the Duck Egg Blue buffet - it should be ready to post in a couple of days! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

French side table (SOLD)

She's got great legs, doesn't she?  :-)

A side table gets a lot of its appeal from its legs, I feel.... and these legs are really something else.  They have such graceful lines.
 There are a lot of other things to love about this table - the great detailing, the fabulous lines along the sides, the deep dovetailed drawer with lots of storage space, the lovely vintage hardware....

..... but I think the legs are what really make this table.  :-)

In keeping with the classic french look, I've painted this table Duck Egg Blue with a distressed finish and clear wax.  It would be lovely in a living space, classy as a bedside table, and will fetch compliments wherever you put it in your home.  :-)  It measures 23 1/2'' tall x 17 1/2'' long x 26'' deep and is priced at $120 (SOLD).

If you're interested in purchasing this table, please email me by clicking on the "Contact Me" tab above - thanks!

*** Coming up - a buffet in Duck Egg blue, a bow-front dresser/buffet in Old White, and a bow-front chest in Provence! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lovely side table in Florence (SOLD)

I have definitely had great luck with finding gorgeous side tables recently - this sweet little table is no exception!  This was a Goodwill find - sometimes I am amazed at what you can find at Goodwill. :-)  Gorgeous detailing on the drawer fronts, fabulous old hardware, great lines.  What's not to love, right?

Both of the drawers in this one are dovetailed and every bit of it is solid wood.  The drawers really make this piece, I think.

As does the hardware! 

I've painted this table in Florence with distressing and a dark wax glaze. I love how the details just "pop" with the distressing and dark wax.

This piece measures 22'' tall x 27'' long x 15'' deep, and is priced at $125 (SOLD).  

If you're interested in purchasing this piece, please send me an email by clicking on the "Contact Me" tab above - thanks!

**Up next - a french provincial side table in Duck Egg Blue!  Also, don't forget to "like" my facebook page - - every available piece will be listed and featured there, along with some sneak peaks at pieces coming soon. :-)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beveled Mirror in Country Grey (SOLD)

Oh, the detailing.  The detailing!!  :-)   This lovely mirror has such great details.... and so much character.
This beveled beauty was an estate sale find and I was thrilled to buy it - when I see a piece with this many lovely little grooves and designs, I know it'll be just gorgeous painted and distressed.  This mirror didn't disappoint me. :-)

I love beveled edges on a mirror.  It's sort of like crown-moulding in a house, don't you think? Just gives it a great "no detail was overlooked" feel.
I've painted this mirror in Country Grey with a distressed finish and clear wax. Country Grey is a wonderful neutral color - not really a "grey" at all, but more of a deep cream.  It would be just lovely in a foyer or dining room, perfect over a buffet or mantel or dresser.... and it would be adorable in a little girl's bedroom as well.  Lots of options with this lovely piece.  It's also completely ready to be hung. Measurements are 22 1/2'' wide x 52 1/2'' tall (to the top of the detailing), and it's priced at $135 (SOLD).
If you're interested in purchasing this mirror, please send me an email by clicking on the "Contact Me" page above - thanks!

Also - I now have a facebook page!  :-)  Please take a minute to check it out and "like" it... all new pieces will be featured there as well!

Thanks, folks. :-)  Coming up next - another amazing side table!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Florence Side Tables (SOLD)

Florence chalk paint....  oh how I love you.  

Because you can turn these:

Into these.


 These gorgeous side tables were part of a set I bought recently at an estate sale, and they are in fabulous condition.  I'm a huge fan of side tables that have storage space, and with both a drawer and double doors these offer a ton of space for your books/remotes/odds and ends.

These tables are made by Century Furniture, and are made of solid wood. The drawer has dovetail construction and the double doors open to a large storage area.  I love the detailing on the drawer front and doors.

Also love the shape of the legs!

And the hardware.... as we all know, I'm all about the hardware.  :-)

I've painted these lovely tables in a custom mix of Florence and Graphite chalk paint, and given them a distress finish with both clear and dark wax to protect. I think these tables would work wonderfully as bedside tables, and would also be gorgeous in a living space. They measure 24 1/2'' tall x 27 1/2'' long x 17'' deep. Love love love them!