Saturday, September 19, 2015

Midcentury Mod side tables in Graphite (SOLD)

Midcentury modern furniture.  I love everything about it.

These side tables are so sleek and simple and yet so gorgeous.  I think that's what I love most about this style of furniture - the understated beauty.  Simplicity can be so beautiful!

I love that these tables don't have any hardware - just smooth hidden pulls that open the dovetailed drawer and bottom cabinet with ease. There's so much storage space in these tables.

I've painted these solid wood vintage tables in Graphite with minimal distressing and clear wax for protection.  They are in excellent condition and will last forever!  Measurements are 16'' x 15'' x 27 1/2'', which means they are slightly taller than the average side table (and the perfect companion to a taller bed or sofa).  $400 for the pair (SOLD), which is less than you'd pay for just ONE midcentury side table at West Elm or Restoration Hardware.  And unlike those tables, these beauties are vintage and have already proven they will stand the test of time.  :-)

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Antique dresser in red (SOLD)


I absolutely love this one.  Everything about it.  Love.  Love love love.  

Did I mention I love it?  ;-)

It's just so sweet.  And so red.  And so farmhouse-y.  In a really good way. 

I have been dying to try out Miss Mustard Seed's Tricycle Red milk paint ever since I saw it on a gorgeous old empire chest on Pinterest.  I even bought an empire chest to paint this color, but I had a client purchase it as a custom piece before I got started, and that one ended up blue.  No prob, it was gorgeous in blue… but…. that tricycle red milk paint was still calling my name.  When I saw this antique farmhouse dresser listed for sale, I KNEW it was the one meant to be red.  And it is totally a match made in heaven.

This is such a southern piece.  Full of southern charm and sophistication.  I love the legs and the porcelain knobs and the color and the whole gorgeous thing.  It just works.  

I'll try to stop swooning for a second to give you the details.  :-)  This beauty is solid wood, with five dovetailed drawers that work perfectly.  I've painted it in MMS tricycle red with a distressed finish and clear wax, and I've given it lovely porcelain knobs to complete the look.  Measurements are 54 1/2'' long x 34 1/2'' tall x 25'' deep, and it's priced at $520 (SOLD). 

Do you have a room that needs this awesome pop of color?  Send me an email at to make it yours!  Be quick too, please…. because I'm contemplating putting this sweetie in my foyer.  :-)

Friday, September 4, 2015

Antique Cherry Dresser/Buffet (SOLD)

This piece is such a classic.

From the style to the pulls to the color - everything about this solid cherry antique is classic.  Traditional.  Solid.  Gorgeous.  :-)

It's one of those pieces you could use anywhere.  Need a great storage piece in your foyer?  This one would be lovely.  Looking for a piece to place under a wall-mounted flatscreen (or something to set one on)?  This would fit the bill and give you great family room storage at the same time.  Want an awesome custom buffet?  This one will get compliments at your dinner parties.  And of course - it would be an awesome dresser in any bedroom.  Or even in a masculine nursery doubling as a changing table.  Seriously - anywhere.  This piece is versatile.

Made by J.B. VanSevier Co, this solid cherry beauty has nine spacious and spotless dovetailed drawers.  They all work perfectly and have gorgeous classic brass hardware.

I've painted it in Graphite with a distressed finish and clear wax, which suits the classic style perfectly.  It's traditional and modern all at the same time.  Measurements are 60'' long x 33'' tall x 20'' deep and it's priced at $560 (SOLD).

If you're interested in purchasing this piece, please email me at - thanks!

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