Thursday, July 30, 2015

Antique Dresser/Buffet in Graphite (SOLD)


Okay, so this piece isn't entirely available (I posted it on my Facebook page yesterday and have a list of interested buyers)… but I love it SO much that I wanted to post some photos of it here.  Besides, you never know - it may turn out to be available after all.  :-)  So if you love it like I do, reach out to me and I'll put you on the list for it!

Solid wood, by United Furniture Co.  Nine spotless dovetailed drawers that work perfectly (center doors open to three hidden drawers).  Sturdy.  Gorgeous.  Sophisticated.

I'll stop talking now and just let the photos speak for themselves.  :-)  It measures 74'' long x 33'' tall x 20'' deep and is priced at $595.  Email me at to be added to the list for this one, and if you'd like to see pieces in progress be sure to like my Facebook page.  Thanks all!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Antique Walnut Chest (SOLD)

You guys.  This one.

The photo is lovely - but it is so. much. more. GORGEOUS.  in person.  :-)  It was hard to capture just how beautiful this piece is with my camera lens.

The combo of the dark, sophisticated paint color and the GORGEOUS original hardware and the beautiful detailing is almost more than I can handle.  I loooooove it.  :-)  Weird?  Maybe.  

It's not just the outside that's gorgeous… the interiors of the drawers are so beautiful.  The wood grain is amazing and they are spotless and sturdy and just awesome.  Check out that dovetailing. 

Can we talk about the hardware for a sec?  It's got such amazing detail - and the original patina shows up beautifully against the Graphite paint. 

This piece is a true antique from the 1920's and is made of walnut.  It's in absolutely amazing condition - every drawer moves in and out with ease, and it's as sturdy as can be.  

Aren't the legs lovely too? 

I've painted this chest in Graphite, with a distressed finish and clear wax for protection.  I think the walnut wood shows up so beautifully in the distressed areas.

I think this would be a gorgeous addition to any bedroom - a master, a boy's bedroom, a guest bedroom - take your pick.  It would be lovely in an office, or in a dining room, or in a foyer.  Or in an anywhere. :-)  Measurements for this one are 46'' tall x 36'' wide x 19'' deep and it's priced at $420 (SOLD).

If you want to make this one yours, send me an email at and I'll get back to you right away.  Thanks!


Monday, July 20, 2015

Antique chest in Duck Egg Blue (SOLD)

Isn't this one lovely?  

Ah, Duck Egg Blue.  It's a classic french color that fits so well with this classic antique dresser.  It's a lovely pop of color that's not TOO much color, if you know what I mean.  It's just a gorgeous shade of blue.

This piece has great classic lines… with just enough detail to make it interesting.  :-)

I adore the pairing of the color with the smoky glass knobs.  Sigh.  If only I had a whole second house, just so I could furnish it in awesome painted furniture.  :-)  Anybody else dream of that?  Just me?  Huh.

This piece is solid wood, including the back, and is in excellent condition for its age.  It's a true antique.   All of the drawers are dovetailed and move in and out with ease.  Lots of great storage space.

An up close look at those smoky glass knobs. So pretty. 

This would be so sweet in a nursery (great size to double as a changing table)… but it would fit just as beautifully in a family room, or a bedroom, or a dining room.  It'll look good wherever you put it. 

Painted in Duck Egg with a distressed finish and clear wax, this piece measures 34 1/2'' tall x 37 1/2'' wide x 19 3/4'' deep and is priced at $280 (SOLD).  Email me at to make it yours! 


Friday, July 17, 2015

Mid-Century Chest in Grey (SOLD)

This is one sleek piece of furniture.  :-)

The modern look of a mid-century chest is so awesome, isn't it?  I love the clean lines and the pencil legs.  Pieces like this make me feel like a grown up.  Sophisticated and fancy and all that jazz.  ;-)  

I'm also finding that these chests aren't as easy for me to get my hands on recently.  It seems that every time I see one, it's already sold or has 10 different offers.  So - my conclusion is that these puppies are in high demand.  I was delighted to get the chance to work on this one.

The color on this beauty is a custom mix of Old White and Graphite…. which turned out as a lovely, mellow, muted gray with a teensy touch of blue.  It's a gorgeous color and fits the piece so well.  

Don't you love the hardware?  So cool.

I felt as thought the clean lines of this piece would look best without distressing to distract the eye - so it got a solid paint job.  It also got 2 coats of clear wax to deepen the color and give protection.

Please excuse the concrete floor in most of the photos.  I typically bring my pieces inside to photograph them, but I wanted to show this piece against a pure white wall so that the color would show accurately - and at the moment, my garage is the only white-walled space.  :-)

Made by Curtis Bros Furniture, this piece is solid wood and in excellent condition.  All of the drawers are dovetailed, clean, and work perfectly.  There's tons of great storage space.  

Measuring 46'' tall x 38'' long x 19'' deep, this piece would work well for so many different rooms - great in a foyer, great in a bedroom…. great in any room where you need a beautiful piece of furniture that also offers storage.  :-)  It's priced at $420 (SOLD). 

If you're interested in purchasing this chest, please email me at to set up a time to come by!