Friday, September 28, 2012

Florence Side Tables (SOLD)

Florence chalk paint....  oh how I love you.  

Because you can turn these:

Into these.


 These gorgeous side tables were part of a set I bought recently at an estate sale, and they are in fabulous condition.  I'm a huge fan of side tables that have storage space, and with both a drawer and double doors these offer a ton of space for your books/remotes/odds and ends.

These tables are made by Century Furniture, and are made of solid wood. The drawer has dovetail construction and the double doors open to a large storage area.  I love the detailing on the drawer front and doors.

Also love the shape of the legs!

And the hardware.... as we all know, I'm all about the hardware.  :-)

I've painted these lovely tables in a custom mix of Florence and Graphite chalk paint, and given them a distress finish with both clear and dark wax to protect. I think these tables would work wonderfully as bedside tables, and would also be gorgeous in a living space. They measure 24 1/2'' tall x 27 1/2'' long x 17'' deep. Love love love them!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dresser in Old White (SOLD)

Well, the sunlight was determined to make this a difficult photo shoot, so please excuse the strange lighting in the photographs. :-)  This is a great piece and I wanted to go ahead and get it listed!  Old White is such a versatile color - perfect for a nursery but also a fabulous neutral shade for any room in your home.
This particular piece is in excellent condition and is solid wood - it's a Bassett Furniture dresser. There's a ton of storage space with nine dovetailed drawers that work beautifully. I love the detail on the drawer fronts, and I also love the old hardware.

I've painted this piece in Old White and given it a distressed finish, with clear wax for protection. Perfect for a nursery, great for a child's bedroom or master bedroom - also a lovely piece for a foyer or as a tv stand with storage in a family room.  Measurements are 30 1/2'' tall x 64'' long x 18'' deep and it's priced at $390 (SOLD).

If you're interested in purchasing this piece, please email me by clicking on the "Contact Me" tab above - thanks!

** Up next - a pair of side tables painted Florence with dark wax.... so fun!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mid-century Modern Chest (SOLD)

Yet another mid-century modern beauty!  I really do love the simple lines of this style, and how it lends itself so well to a bold color.  I'm all about bold colors.  :-)  I was excited to use the color Provence on this piece - it's a great turquoise and seems to really suit this chest.
This is a vintage piece, with five dovetailed drawers.  All drawers work very well.  I'm a big fan of the detailing around the bottom three drawers and the lack of hardware - it's a very streamlined look. These drawers open by pulling hidden handles on the sides, and are very easy to move in and out.

As I mentioned, this piece has been painted Provence, and given a lightly distressed finish. I've coated it with clear wax for protection as well.

Don't you love the pencil legs?

I think this piece would be lovely in any bedroom, and could also be used for extra storage (and a pop of color!) in a living space. It measures 45'' tall x 36'' long x 18'' deep and is priced at $360 (SOLD).

If you're interested in purchasing this piece, please email me by clicking on the "Contact Me" tab above - thanks!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Duck Egg Blue Buffet (SOLD)

It's a bit dangerous to put a lovely buffet in your dining room to photograph it for your blog.... because you will decide you need to keep it.  Just in case you were wondering.  :-)  I had to talk myself out of keeping this one for us and selling you fine folks our lovely black one instead!  I eventually came to my senses.  Aren't you so glad?  It means you can have this piece in your own dining room.  It's a beauty.

This is an antique piece - made of solid cherry and in great condition.  The beautiful solid wood back is so awesome - and written on it is "To Roberta - From Gracie".  I absolutely love that.... so sweet.  Apparently this piece of furniture was a gift from one friend to another way back when. :-)
There are three extra-deep dovetailed drawers across the top, and four doors that open to shelf storage on the bottom. The hardware is beautiful and original to the piece.

I love the way the middle drawer curves.

Also love the feet on this one!

I've painted it one of my favorite colors - Duck Egg Blue - and given it a distressed finish with clear wax for protection. Measurements are 57 1/2'' long x 35'' tall x 21'' deep (at the deepest part) and it's priced at $495 (SOLD).  Can you picture this lovely buffet in your dining room?  I certainly can.  :-)

If you're interested in purchasing this piece, please email me by clicking on the "Contact Me" tab above - thanks!

**  Up next - A lovely dresser in Old White - stay tuned!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Mid-century Dresser (SOLD)

I will admit I'm excited about this one. :-)  Mid-century pieces seem to be all the rage right now - and I can definitely see why.  The modern yet vintage feel, the sleek lines, the great hardware, the awesome legs.... there's nothing to dislike about this style! I felt like this piece could pull off a fabulous color, and I'm always looking for an excuse to use Antibes Green.... so I'm thrilled with the way this guy turned out. 
This piece is solid wood and very sturdy, and is made by Johnson/Carper Furniture out of Roanoke VA. I did a little research on the furniture company, and it seems that they were one of the leading manufacturers of mid-century pieces back in the day. This is definitely a vintage piece, and it's in excellent condition.  All six drawers are dovetailed and work well, and I love the way they're curved inwards. So cool.

The hardware on this one is pretty awesome too.

Isn't the shape of the legs and bottom so neat? Mid-century all the way. :-)

I've painted it a custom mix of Antibes Green and Graphite, and given it a lightly distressed finish. It's also coated with clear wax for protection. Measurements are 54'' long x 30 1/2'' tall x 18'' deep and it's priced at $350 (SOLD).

If you're interested in purchasing this piece, please send me an email by clicking on the "Contact Me" tab above - thanks!

**Up next - a gorgeous buffet in Duck Egg Blue!