Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gorgeous Antique Buffet/Sideboard (SOLD)

There she is, folks. :-)  Let's all take a minute and thank the good Lord for craigslist. 

Seriously.  I am so thankful for craigslist!  Especially when a piece like this one comes along.  There have been so many great pieces that I have JUST missed over the past couple of years ... I was the second to call about it, or the third, or the ninth. Last Saturday night I was lucky enough to be on craigslist searching right as this one popped up.... and I called immediately.  I will confess I danced a little jig when the owner called me back and said I could come get it the next afternoon. :-)

It was definitely interesting getting it home.... my sweet mom (who is here visiting) was nice enough to come with me and help get it in the minivan. It was a bit longer than I was expecting, so we drove the entire way back to my house with the back of the van open and the car BEEP BEEP BEEPing at us really loudly.... just to make sure we knew.  We tied a rope around the piece and my mom held on to it for dear life.  We were quite a sight on the road, I bet.  :-)   All totally worth it though - I am thrilled to have this one completed and ready to find a new home.

Although this piece could certainly be used as a dresser, I think its true calling is as a buffet or sideboard in a dining room.  It's just so majestic and gorgeous - it would be a great focal piece in a dining area. Gorgeous french provincial lines, beautiful curved front drawers, lovely detailing on the sides and across the bottom.  Everything about this piece says quality.

The details:  It's made of solid wood (I believe it's cherry) and has 9 drawers in all. They are all dovetailed and rock solid - they move in and out perfectly as well.  The piece was manufactured by White Fine Furniture many many years ago, and still has the maker's stamp inside the top drawer. I've painted it a lovely shade of deep cream, distressed it and given it two coats of clear wax for durability. It measures 79'' long x 33'' tall x 24'' deep, and is priced at $495 (SOLD).  I did the best I could taking photos - this piece is just long enough to make it hard for me to get a great picture in my narrow foyer (otherwise known as my photography studio).  I couldn't get back far enough!  So - check out the photographs, but also feel free to contact me for more photos or to come see it in person.  It's even more gorgeous in person. :-)

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